About Us

Healthy Snacks and Beverages. Taste the ‘Funtastic’ flavour.

Welcome to the ‘Wandering Lotus’ a brand of healthy snacks and beverages inspired by flavours acquired while traveling around the globe and a deep rooted love for traditional Indian favourites.


The ‘Wandering Lotus’ was founded by Roshni and Vivek, ardent advocates of healthy and clean living, and creators of guilt-free indulgences that are not just plant-based, but also taste great and look effortlessly instragrammable – Funtastic!


Although Roshni and Vivek now own successful culinary businesses in Saskatoon, Canada, they were both born and raised in India and travelled around the world tasting the best of foods and flavours that inspired them to launch The Karma Café a vegetarian bistro which supports local charities with a percentage of its revenue, and YAY! Thai, a plant-based Thai restaurant.

It is here that their healthy snacks and beverages were first introduced; the original Boomerang Elixir, a latte made with espresso, ghee, coconut oil, raw honey, and a choice of milk soon became a showstopper that it needed a bar area all to itself!


Riding this wave of popularity, the Boomerang Elixir got colourful makeovers by the culinary wiz Roshni herself who added a range of new flavours and colours that resulted in the popular ‘Cardamom & Clove Latte’ and the brightly hued ‘Blue Matcha,’ flavoured with Butterfly Pea flower powder, among others.


‘Light Pops’ soon joined the hall of fame of healthy snacks, dubbed as the ‘new and improved popcorn.’ These are popped lotus seeds, a childhood favourite of the entrepreneuring couple jazzed up with seasoning and spices to better suit the Western palate.


Although both Boomerang Elixir and Light Pops were originally only available at The Karma Café and Yay! Thai, they can now be purchased online at just a click of a button. These products are made in Canada and shipped with love, all over the world.


Roshni and Vivek continue to invent new and exciting plant-based, healthy snacks and beverages with their two-year-old, who was also the first taste-tester of the Light Pops and is a lifelong ambassador of the Funtastic snack.